• Swan Song Festival Archive

    Took place October 26th, 2019

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    Breathing Life into Death

    is Now Over

    and it was Ground Breaking!


    Our sincere thanks to the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society and the Community Arts Council of Williams Lake for financial support of our participation in the National Swan Song Festival.

    Highlights from the 2019 Swan Song Festival

    Breathing Life into Death

    A YouTube video of some of the highlights from our Swan Song Festival. Tremendous thanks to everyone who volunteered, presented and participated. https://youtu.be/RcbzQFBh5Ws

    Some really lovely moments from the festival are missing and we'd like to especially recognize the two workshops that took place downstairs in the Studio. Venta Rutkauskas's writing workshop "Meeting the Timeless Self" and Chanti Holtl's "Soundscape and Guided Meditation" with Angela Gutzer. Participants from both workshops came out of the room positively glowing. We are also missing a good photo of Jacinta Andrea's sacred shrine. If anyone took photographs they'd like to share with us, we'd be ever grateful.

    Thank you again! And thanks to the Cariboo Arts and Culture Society and the Williams Lake Community Arts Council for their financial support.

    With love, Nicola and Angela

    Our tag line; “Reclaiming Death as an Honoured part of Life,” is a quote from a Community Deathcare Canada article written by Judith McGill. The Swan Song Festival was presented in partnership with Community Deathcare Canada.


  • Ancestral Burial Shroud

    Ancestral Burial Shroud ready to decorate

    The Ancestral Burial Shroud ~ at the beginning of the Festival

    The ancestral Burial shroud created at the Swan Song Festival

    The Ancestral Burial Shroud

    Hanging on our clothesline on the Chilcotin Plateau, the day after

    Sending your prayers and remembrances on the wind.

    Bright Blessings on your words and prayers.

    A video of the ceremonial fire.

    Thank you to everyone who helped make our first big event a success.