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    Please note that your Lifetime Membership in the 'We're All Gonna Die' Club does not extend to your Annual membership in the CCDC Network. :)

  • DONATE to support our work in the community

    DONATE to support our work in the community

    5.00 - 100.00
    Any amount is greatly appreciated as we offer another year of workshops and presentations.
    And while they last, for a minimum $10 Donation, you'll also get a personalized fridge magnet to the 'We're All Gonna Die Club'. Be sure to tell us what name you want on your certificate and then watch your snail mail for its arrival.
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    Annual Voting Membership

    Annual Voting Membership

    Annual voting membership in Cariboo Community Deathcaring Association. Support CCDC Network in reclaiming death as an honoured part of life. Help us with community workshops and presentations, support death cafes, fund raise or serve on the board. Annual Membership is January 1st to December 31st.
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